Dori-Mic and the Universal Machine!

A Tragicomic Tale of Combinatorics and Computability
for Curious Children of All Ages

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If you have a toddler who is falling behind in theoretical computer science, this is the book for you!

If your kindergartener is still using Θ(N2) sorting algorithms, you have come to the right place!

This book is also essential reading for graduate and advanced undergraduate students studying theory of computation, and anyone else who likes colorful pictures.

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Story and Math by David Evans
Illustrations by Kim Dylla
Inspiration by Dorina Michelle Evans

"The BEST babies' book about computational universality I've read."

Scott Aaronson, MIT professor and author of Quantum Computing since Democritus (This one is real!)

"If only I had this book when I was a young student, I might have done something useful with my life like discover a new complexity class instead of dropping out and wasting my life on flipping pancakes, playing with basic blocks, and eradicating polo."

Gill Bates, Founder of Mic-Soft Corporation

"I recommend this book to all my graduate students who need to brush up on their computing theory for their PhD qualifying exams. It costs much less than that MIT theory of computation book, and has much better pictures."

Donald E. Kduck, Professor of Computer Science, Mak-Mak Junior University

"I thought the first few pages were okay, but I was never able to get past page 14."

Kurt Friedrich Stöpdel, incomplete logician